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Article list of خرداد , year 1396,Volume 27 Number 1:

There is a plethora in the literature of Economic Development on the Zionist Regime being a sart-up nation and entrepreneurial society. Analysing the Regime's innovation system, this paper aims to understand the interlationship between the relatively high performance of this Regime in terms of technological innovation and diffusion and the factor of social equality and social exclusion. Drawing on "National Innovation System" with the structural approach as the conceptual model, the paper uses the facts and figures of the international organizations. The research findings are that this innovation system is relied on the international capital and technologies of the multinational companies for its velocity and agility while the domestic population are segregated by apartheid like social and economic   policies and as a result a part of population (Arab ethnic minority) is not integrated and can not be beneficiary of the fruits of vibrant innovation system.

    Nowadays, it is well clarified that innovation is a complex process that requires the activity of various components. These components have complex relation with each other and are influenced by the environment. Therefore, the topics of innovation requires a systematic view that leads to the formation of the theory of “National Innovation System”. The main feature of this system is the ability of its components in the production, dissemination and application of technologies that have economic value. The science and knowledge, is often presented in the form of articles should be transformed to technology, since the production of science isn’t able to lead to the development of the country alone. Also emphasis of I.R Iran on endogenous growth requires a serious attention to the component of technology production that patent is the indicator of this component. So in this article, with the exact and different look to NIS, a conceptual view is presented and by regarding to the systematic study of documents and valid universal statistics, the quality and quantity of articles and patents of Iran and intended countries have been studied. In fact, in this study the position of science and technology in NIS is investigated. The results show the favorable position of Iran in scientific publication, in contrast to the undesirable position of Iran in patenting that its cause are analyzed.

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